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Dudgeon (a pen name) has published several scholarly articles in books and journals under his real name, as well as two academic non-fiction books.

His interest in speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) is more recent, and his work in this area is just beginning to appear online and in print. Several of his stories and poems have appeared elsewhere on-line in places such as The Written Word,, and Horrotica. His works-in-progress are generally submitted to Jim Baen’s Universe slush page for commentary and critique if you like previews.

He is also the editor of Satirica: an Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction, published in summer 2008 by Cowboy Logic Press, which also includes two of his own best stories. He and the publisher now plans to turn Satirica into a semi-annual series.

His first novel is in the works as well. It is the first of a planned trilogy entitled “The Book of New Man.”

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Tripping on the Street (in 2 parts)

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