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Carol Edwards

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My name is Carol, and I live in Tauranga, New Zealand, with my husband. I have one son and his family who live in Tauranga, plus another son who lives in Thailand with his family. Between them I have three grandchildren.

I am now retired having previously worked in a social work environment as a clerk. I should still be working I suppose but won’t enlarge on that!

Most of my time is spent on my family genealogy which I’ve researched for many years, a little volunteer work in the community, herb gardening, keeping up with family and friends and my very spoilt moggy called Basil. He is the Sylvester type cat and adopted me, but now makes all the rules, (as a cat should). Basil and I are well known in the street for our ‘unusual’ behaviour, he likes hide and seek, and well — best I stop there.

I tend to dissect situations, have always enjoyed poetry and recently found myself jotting some on the computer. Since I am a feeling person, most of my jottings will focus on deeper meanings. I entered a poem in a Valentine’s Day competition and won a box of chocolates. While I ate some, I pondered over my next jotting and wondered how many years of learning I may need!

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