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Gregory W. Ellis

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One day following my 48th birthday I was informed that my story “The Meadow” would be appearing in Bewildering Stories issue 266.

I have been a technical writer for proprietary fire testing and phamaceutical reports, an accountant/bookkeeper/administrations manager, and just spent the last four years working security at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

I have been writing science fiction and horror stories for most of my life and finished my first novel “Emergence” earlier this year (2007).

For the past 12 years I have published and run the email 4x science fiction wargame Fire On The Suns, which I also designed and wrote.

I am currently working on the third draft of the novel as well as a short story surrounding a manned visit to the dwarf planet Pluto.

I live in Antioch, California with my 85-lb husky/shepherd mix “Shadow.”

Copyright © 2007 by Greg Ellis

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