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Shelly Evans

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My mother had three children within as many years, and I was born third behind my two older brothers in Mobile, Alabama in the year 1960. When I was eight months old, my family moved to Colorado, where my father gained employment in a mine, and my mother settled down to raise his four boys and me.

And so I was raised 10,200 feet up in the Rocky Mountains where it snowed 8 months out of the year, or seemed to, at least. It was a good childhood, as far as I knew, and I spent it romping around the countryside like a wild Indian and riding my beloved horses.

I have spent the last seventeen years in the Northwest in beautiful Oregon, where I am divorced and work for an Aerospace company, have three grown children and three grandchildren, and am the proud owner of one and a quarter horses, both Appaloosas. The larger one is named Journey and the smaller one Bullet. Such is my life.

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