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What a good-looking group of readers we are! Let’s sit back and read this bio for David H Fears. It says here he was known by the handle “professor” as a boy (no doubt the thick black spectacles, Buddy Holly style). He has written nearly one hundred short stories and a couple of novels. Fears is a pretty handy name for horror stories, but it also says he focuses on mainstream nostalgic, literary, mystery and some fantasy/magical realism. There has to be something in all these works we might like.

We will read one of David’s stories here soon, a fantasy story about a man jolted awake by a dream that becomes real life and includes his parents when they were young. We each no doubt wonder about the writer, which is why this bio is here. Makes sense. Some of us readers might ask David the standard questions about his age, place of residence, what he’s written, his future plans, what he likes to read — well, here’s hoping he will get into more interesting territory, such as his ideas about composing and prewriting before drafting fiction, how writers improve their writing, his take on theories of good writing, mysteries and the like, all of which we will welcome.

But, let’s read on: the basics on David: he is a semi-retired teacher (meaning he will continue to teach college writing) who’s had some success in real estate and the computer business, sandwiched between his undergraduate studies in the early 70s and his masters degree in educating and composition, awarded just last summer.

He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and has lived in New England, Southern California and Nevada. In this picture, David looks at least ten years younger than his age (61) and is the father of three girls, the grandfather of four and the great-grandfather of one; he’s written here “It all shows what you can do if you fool around when you’re very young.” David’s a card. How many of us think humor has a place in mystery tales?

Besides his interest in writing and composition theory, David writes of his interest in Mark Twain, old cars, art and chess. We might conclude he’s an old guy with wide interests, with an interesting mix of the creative and analytical — a good teacher and listener. If any of us were to go one-on-one with him, it’s a good bet he’d love to hear what we’re passionate about. But if we stick to writing, he’ll love to discuss that.

He’s now reading and studying Elmore Leonard, Truman Capote, Dennis LeHane, Raymond Chandler. Yes, David hopes to have a mystery novel published this year or next while he continues to submit his many short stories. He will also work to publish a collection of his better stories. Okay, that’s plenty about him. Oh, there’s more?

David will give a presentation soon to teachers about writing. David will point out the role of experience in writing fiction and touch on the thirty or so different jobs he held at one time or another as examples. He will confess to being a late bloomer in writing, of waiting for something to say in his stories, of his study of the craft, and his plans to continue. He will talk about differences between writing novels, short stories, and short-short, or flash stories.

In a time when young writers are so much in vogue, David hopes to continue writing with passion and intellect without thought of full retirement. He will no doubt be “young” at ninety, judging by his father who is pushing that age. How many good works of fiction will he turn out in the next couple of decades? Let’s stick around. Now, on to the story.

Copyright © 2005 by David H Fears

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