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Judith Field

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I was born in Liverpool and live in London. I am the daughter of writers, and learned how to agonise over fiction submissions at my mother’s and father’s knee. After not writing anything more creative than a shopping list for about 30 years, I made a New Year’s resolution in 2009 to start writing and get published within the year.

Pretty soon I realised how unrealistic that was but, in fact, it worked: I got a slot to write a weekly column in a local paper shortly before Christmas of 2009, and it ran for a several years. I still write occasional feature articles for the paper.

I have two daughters, a son, a granddaughter and a grandson, who inspired my first published story when he broke my laptop keyboard. Unlike in the story, a magical creature didn’t come out of the laptop and fix my life.

My fiction, mainly speculative, has appeared in a variety of publications, mainly in the USA. I speak five languages and can say, “Please publish this story” in all of them.

I’m a pharmacist, freelance journalist, editor, medical writer, and indexer. When I’m not working or writing, I study English, I sing, I swim.

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