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Beverly Forehand

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Beverly Forehand is a freelance writer, editor, and social and digital media marketer living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her stories and articles have been published in Atriad Press’ Haunted Encounters, in Bewildering Stories, FATE, The Harrow, Fine Gardening, Quantum Muse, Muscadine Lines, Waxing Waning Moon, The Ghost Story Society, and other publications.

She published a pet recipe book with Dawson Progressive and was a monthly columnist for Critter Exchange/All Creatures’ Exchange, an animal advocacy newspaper, for many years. She is currently a featured writer for Barkley & Paws.

Her hobbies include cultivating her medieval herb garden and begging her cats (unsuccessfully) to stay off the sofa. Follow her blog at

If you enjoy Southern Gothic ghost stories and you'd like to help support Beverly's habit of books, bourbon, boots, and cats, check out her Haunted Homeplace!

Copyright © 2004, 2012 by Beverly Forehand

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