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Derek Frazier

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Behind the Piney Curtain of East Texas is where I live. Tree frogs sing me to sleep, raccoons nest outside my bedroom window, and the sweet smell of wisteria relaxes my mind.

I have a BS in ecology, a BA in art history, and an MA in English literature; I've studied enough to realize I know nothing, nothing at all. I am a sculptor, and also work in conceptual and performance art. My work is on YouTube, I dare you to find it.

I am fascinated by the hunt for Bigfoot — not in the hairy man of the forest himself, but rather the people who search for him, who have turned their beliefs into a religion. If you ever run into me at a bar, buy me a beer and ask me about American Bigfoot Mythology, a topic I have been developing for the last four years. Later, Tater.

Copyright © 2011 by Derek Frazier

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