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Lauren C. Freeman

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I was born and raised in New Hampshire, received a BA in screenwriting and film production at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and currently reside in the Bay Area, in California.

I divide my time between writing screenplays and short stories; two sparse yet efficient forms of writing that I’ve found really complement one another and definitely complement my short attention span.

I am currently co-writing the screenplay adaptation of Richard Friar’s “The Keepers: Part 1: WW3.” I recently contributed to the back-story of an online video game in development called “Crowns of Power,” by Rampid Gaming. I think that writers should explore as many different forms of writing as possible in order to have a holistic view of the craft.

I have been telling stories since I was able to talk. As a toddler, I used to line up my stuffed animals and pretend to read from my father's Consumer Reports magazines. My mother claims my fabrications were strangely coherent for a toddler, but a mother and stuffed animals make for a very forgiving audience.

I studied creative writing at UMass Amherst and currently, I am primarily an aspiring screenwriter. I was a Quarterfinalist in the 2006 Nicholl's Fellowship, for my sci-f feature "The Dove," and am currently a Quarterfinalist (winner pending December) in the Writer's Network Competition for two of my fantasy scripts.

I love writing short stories in-between specs. It keeps the creative juices flowing and furthermore, I have found the efficiency required of both crafts, to be complementary.

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