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C. E. Gee

Bewildering Stories biography

Born near the peak of the post World War II baby boom (1947), C.E. Gee (aka Pappy, aka Chuck) misspent his youth at various backwater locales within the left-coast states of Oregon and Alaska.

During his subsequent adulthood Chuck answered many callings, including that of logger (choker setter), factory worker, infantryman (Vietnam War draftee), telecommunications technician, volunteer fireman and EMT, light show roady, businessman (retail and wholesale distribution of electronic components), sysop (commercial BBS), farmer, webmaster.

Chuck has moved more than 30 times in his life, and fully expects to move at least thrice more –- the last move will be mostly in spirit only. Though a disabled veteran and retired, Chuck labors as a writer while also serving as househusband to his beloved wyfe, Laurie. Chuck freely admits to the siring of two children, now grown.

Chuck’s works in progress include several short SF stories, a memoir based upon his Vietnam service, and his blog, “Gardyloo.”

Driven by a force older than the universe itself, Chuck pushes on towards his destiny, which includes writing and research (for his writings), yoga, flexitarianism, handicapping the NFL, humbly serving as prophet to the religion “Divine Humanism,” educating his fellow Solarians to his concept of the Universal Field Theory, and maintaining his blog.

Copyright © 2013 by C. E. Gee

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