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Cleveland W. Gibson

Bewildering Stories biography

Cleveland is a dedicated carer who also enjoys writing Science Fiction. He is a writer exploiting local history for surreal stories often mystical but set in modern times. He has produced an audiobook, which can be found at

His entertaining children’s stories feature magical robots; all of them have been translated into Braille. Currently he is working on a collection of short stories. One is on the RD Larson site.

He has also made available the text of his audiobook “Faringdon Dragon Country” to the company so that disabled people all over the world can enjoy surreal tales of St George and the Dragon. Later on he hopes to sell the same audiobook through or

Besides writing, Cleveland has been for ten years a Road Race director for the Great Tithe 10K Road Race, the Faringdon Folly Fun Run, and a voting member of BARR (the British Association of Road Races). He has run four London Marathons.

After saving a young girl in a traumatic drowning situation, Cleveland trained to become a Life Guard and gained the Bronze Medallion from the Royal Life Saving Society. He loves to travel, fund-raise and enjoy the odd pint of beer with friends.

Copyright © 2003 by Cleveland W. Gibson

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