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My name is Elana Gomel (though it is not the name I was born with) and I am a trilingual (English, Russian, Hebrew) professor of English literature at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. I commute between Mountain View, California where I live with my husband and Tel-Aviv (yes, it is a long commute).

I have researched and taught at many universities, including Princeton, Stanford and University of Hong Kong. I am the author of four non-fictional books, including The Pilgrim Soul: Being Russian in Israel (Cambria Press, 2009) and Postmodern Science Fiction and Temporal Imagination (Continuum, 2010).

My short story “Going East” was included in People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy. My fantasy novel A Tale of Three Cities was published in April 2013 by Dark Quest Books.

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Personal sebsite: Cities of Light and Darkness

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