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Bewildering Stories

James Graham

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I was born in 1939 in Ayrshire, Scotland, in a rural cottage lit by oil lamps. I was a teacher for thirty years, but would rather have been a celebrated journalist and best-selling author. Apart from teaching and writing, I’ve done a good deal of protesting — from CND in the sixties to Stop the War in the noughties.

Most of my published work has been poetry, which has appeared in print magazines including The Dark Horse and Poetry Scotland; anthologies published by Edinburgh University Press, the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts, the Ragged Raven Press, and the first Every Day Poets anthology; The Linnet’s Wings and numerous websites, notably Poets Against the War.

My second collection, Clairvoyance, was published by Troubador Press in 2007. My third collection, Becoming a Tree, was published in 2016.

I am currently a site expert and tutor in verse-writing with the Internet writers’ community

Copyright © 2011 by James Graham

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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