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Clem Griffith

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My house has three storeys, above ground, and the rear garden goes up in terraces such that at the top extremity it’s possible to see over the roof of the house, half ay to the North Sea. I am told that my garden is the most precipitate in London north of the Thames. No safe place for children, or yet unversed adults.

Fortunately, aside from a tendency to farcical humour, I am a person of the gravest procedure, and not easily subject to vertigo, unless next to sudden droppings away of the ground.

Until fairly recently, I was a carer, but I now have more time to follow my interests. For a time, I taught English as a foreign language to graduates from many countries, further and nearer.

My first study was in art and the history of art. Other lucubrations ensued. For a while I taught in a police college and in a prison. Both places held their own secrets and their chances to learn.

I have often been as confused as I have been perplexed. I don’t pretend to have been able to alter the balance of these states. I have been progressively beyond amazement at being alive, and at the cosmos in which I seem to take place.

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