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Susan A. Hagedorn

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I became enamored with science fiction when, at 9, I read my older brother’s Ace double novel. I mostly consume (read) science fiction rather than write it, but that will soon change, I hope, with rapidly approaching retirement from college teaching.

As a long-time science writer and editor, I try to make sure my writing does not turn away readers because of inaccurate science. In fact, the story “Stuff of Dreams” (with Cheryl W. Ruggiero) was inspired by a cover picture and an article on microbes from melting glaciers in Antarctica from the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology!

My husband and I live in the western mountains of Virginia. Our older daughter (a marine biologist) and her husband (a golf pro) live in Virginia Beach with our granddaughter; our youngest daughter is an international environmental lawyer based in Annapolis, Maryland.

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