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John Gregory Hancock

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John Gregory Hancock is a happily married father of a bright young man who calls him “Dad.” This is the best title he’s ever earned.

For most of his adult life, he’s drawn pictures for other people who gave him money. He won many awards for drawing. For fun, he also draws celebrities on twitter and has over 80 of them on his website:

It’s a good profession, drawing. But he always wanted to write, and did, in fits and starts. Well now, he’s starting and only starting, and running up a full head of steam. He’s written his first book, a first in a series of short story collections. It's called A Plague of Dreams, vol. 1 of The Dreamwood Tales.

He’s also working on a fantasy trilogy in the sword, sorcery and sandal tradition: The River of Fate series.

Copyright © 2012 by John Gregory Hancock

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