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Chris Harris photo There was a phrase that was commonly used in seventeenth century England and that phrase was “CLEAR UNDERSTANDING.” Like most people, my life has presented me with a multitude of interests, but with so few hours in the day to focus on any one subject I became increasingly illogical in my approach to them.

In an effort to catalogue those interests I’ve grouped them together in a number of sub-groups. Essentially this resulted in a kind of controlled brainstorming session where all the associated topics could be assessed for inclusion or otherwise.

At the bottom of my list I’ve written the word ME, whilst at the top I have the phrase “CLEAR UNDERSTANDING.” My goal is to overcome the unknowns in the list that separates ME from CLEAR UNDERSTANDING. I feel that to fully comprehend every aspect of each interest must surely result in my achieving the ultimate level of perception and awareness.

Do I think I will ever get there? NOT A CHANCE. Some of the subjects on my list are: Relativity, unified field theory, string theory, M-theory, astronomy, all religions, the Annunaki, Reality Creation, Meditation, Ley lines, Druids, pagans, the Greys, Nordics, Lizards, the Ducaz, witchcraft, telepathy, astral travel, autotrophs, immortality, music & the arts, etc, etc.

My stories are simply an attempt to capture some of the encounters that I’ve had in the maze that is the journey between ME and Clear UNDERSTANDING.

Copyright © 2006 by Chris Harris

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