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John P. Heavern

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Greetings, my name is John Heavern, a lyrical slave to poetry, a literary spy: a blue-collar guy frozen in time between reason and rhyme.

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, my family and I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when I was 16. I served four years in the U.S. Navy after graduating from Independence High School in Charlotte and began my real education: experiencing a world of amazing mediocrities we tend to take for granted or ignore. I also lived in southeast Georgia and Maricopa, Arizona for five years each, Arizona serving as an inspirational nitro boost.

I have been a closet writer for years. My journey began as a relief valve for my pent-up emotions. Having no literary point of reference, I discovered my poems closely resembled song lyrics. Pursuant to this epiphany, I began to write poetry in standard lyrical format.

Currently, I have five music demos, three of which are videos on YouTube. Music for demos created by musicians, videos created by myself. YouTube link available here.

I currently have over 150 complete lyrical poems of various subject matter and disposition I best describe as “lyrical poetry of observational introspection.” I realize they may be too “lymricky” for some people’s tastes but are designed to accompany 4/4 musical composition and be “song-friendly.”

It is my goal to infuse some depth and sophistication of emotions into an entertaining, rhythmically simple form of literary rhyme patterns while awaiting recognition and application of its value from the musical community.

“Lyrical spheres, inspired frontiers, creations awaiting a musical dawn.” — JPH

Copyright © 2018 by John P. Heavern

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