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Richard A. Hebert

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I live in the heart of Cajun Country, Acadia Parish in southwest Louisiana. I currently work at a large manufacturing company in the Engineering Department as CAD/CAM 3D Drafting Engineer’s Assistant with an Associate’s Degree in Industrial Electronics and an Associates in Drafting.

On the creative side, I am a self-taught writer other than a couple creative writing classes, and am also a musician, guitarist and vocalist and have been performing in the southwest Louisiana area for nearly 20 years in Rock ’n Roll, Blues and Cajun bands.

I began writing stories in high school the early 70’s and had a couple dozen short stories at one point and an apocalyptic novel manuscript and intended to find a publisher one day, but lost almost everything in sticky brown mud when hurricane Rita flooded my apartment in 2005. Basically, all of what remained were in a couple of emails and in my memory.

Greatly disappointed with the loss of that body of works, my focus changed and since 2007 I have recorded nearly forty original songs of various genres.

But I never lost my passion for writing and it has been on my mind to re-write some of my old short stories, maybe even the novel one day.

However, my first effort since then is something new, a horror short story, “And The Darkness Drank Them In” and was published in 2009 by the now-defunct Readme Press in a book of short stories titled, Night Falls on Everyone under the pen name of Anthony R. Hebert. Now this story has found a home with Bewildering Stories.

I also produced a 13-minute animated movie of one of my horror short stories “It Scared Me to Death!” that can be viewed here.

I am an avid reader and enjoy short story fiction of many genres with my main interest in Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy. Bewildering Stories for me is like a candy store!

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