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O. D. Hegre

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I am a former academic, teaching and involved in biomedical research at the University of Minnesota and later in the biotech industry. After three decades plus of trying to understand how the world works, I retired. Now I sit at my keyboard every day, spending less time thinking about how things really are and more time imagining how they could be.

I have had moderate success in bringing my speculative fiction to surfers of the web with publications at Dark Media Original Fiction, Fiction on the Web, Surreal Grotesque, eHorror, Quantum FairyTales, MicroHorror and Tales to Terrify. From the titles of those venues it should be clear that I tend to gravitate to the dark side. I occasionally delve into horror but like to explore the sci-fi genre, as well.

To balance this tendency toward the dark, I have chosen to live in the light: the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona, where the sun shines 350 plus days a year. Here I enjoy the company of three wonderful females: Jane, my muse and beautiful spouse of thirty-two years, a stunning Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Maggie and Millie, the cutest little Mexican Chihuahua in the whole real world.

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