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Karin S. Heigl

Bewildering Stories biography

Karin S. Heigl was born in 1982 in Southern Germany, grew up in a quiet town in the Alpine foreland of Bavaria and now lives in Munich. She speaks French fluently but is a linguist specialised in German, Germanic languages and Old Norse, teacher of German as a Foreign Language and modern Icelandic as well as passionate reader and writer of fantasy, folk- and fairytales and experimental / expressionist poetry.

She wrote her first short story at the age of 10, about a cuddly toy (a cat) that becomes alive. Since 2008 she does historical fencing and specialised in the discipline of sword & buckler. If weather and work permit, she roams the mountains, preferably the harsh high mountains of Austria.

She is currently working on short stories and a dragon fantasy novel of 1500 pages.

“The Crackling” was first published in German by EDFC (Erster Deutscher Fantasyclub e.V.) in the electronic fanzine Fantasia (Issue 586e, March 27th, 2016) with estimated 300 readers.

Copyright © 2016 by Karin S. Heigl

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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