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Bruce Hesselbach

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Bruce Hesselbach is an attorney and writer who lives in Newfane, Vermont. His first novel, Perpetual Motion, published by Cogwheel Press in 2013, is a steampunk novel set in Switzerland and Germany from 1876 to 1889, a love story between a time traveler’s daughter and a doomed inventor threatening to help Germany win the Great War.

He is also the author of Roving Enchantments (White Violet Press 2014), a poetry collection featuring many New Formalist poems. To date, 62 of his poems have been published in the small presses, and another poem will be appearing soon.

Eight of his short stories have been published, including a series of three fantasy short stories in Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction.

Previously Bruce wrote High Ledges, Green Mountains (Bondcliff Books 2005), a memoir about hiking Vermont’s 270-mile Long Trail. An avid hiker, he has climbed over 500 different mountains to date. As chairman of the Newfane Conservation Commission, he helped create hiking trails in the Newfane Town Forest.

He graduated cum laude from Yale in 1972 with a BA in English, and received a JD in 1975 from Villanova Law School.

His favorite reading matter includes travel and exploration, history, fantasy and steampunk. You can visit his author’s website at and his hiking website at

You can also see some of his hiking, steampunk, and humorous photos at his Pinterest site under the name of brucehesselbach (no space between the names).

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