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Rick Hipps

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Spinner of yarns, avid storyteller, and purveyor of dark fantasy, Rick began his love of all things fantastic with ‘the greatest pulp novelist in the whole wide world,’ and considers Robert E. Howard as both a literary mentor and guiding influence.

Born in the Midwest, Rick joined the armed forces during the Viet Nam conflict. At the end of his service, he returned home to begin college, working as an assistant librarian at the local university. His love of fantasy convinced him to author several early short stories, and gained him membership in the Nebraska Writers’ Group.

Today, Rick lives in the East Bay region of California with his wife of 29 years, author Verna McKinnon, and their three cats, Molly, Bridget and Duncan, and is currently looking to place his first novel, the beginnings of a nine-book fantasy adventure series.

His prior work (within this century) “Squire William’s New Charge” has appeared in The Absent Willow Review.

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