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Matthias Hoefler

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As soon as he could pick up a crayon, Matthias began to draw. Some time later he began to write. His work “Apathy Opposed” was published in the Zap Room of Alien Skin. “Limning the Fire of Jazz” was published in Holly Lisle’s ezine Vision.

Like Jonah, Matthias traveled the sea in a great fish, only to be recently vomited up. That is to say Matthias Hoefler has rediscovered writing, having buried it for over ten years. When he came to himself, he followed what seemed to be God’s directive and started to write again.

He finished Bible school and studied Elementary Education but was unable to complete his degree. This was due to complications connected to his diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder.

The Catcher in the Rye and Gilgamesh (Robert Mason’s translation) are his favorite books. He was blown away by Maxine Hong Kingston’s “Tripmaster Monkey: His Fakebook.” Recently he has enjoyed Goli Taraqqi’s short story, “The Shemiran Bus.”

He is lord of the manse in his small town Ohio apartment unless the cat’s awake. Or if his girlfriend’s there. He can make her laugh so hard she snorts, and sometimes, that’s all he needs.

Copyright © 2010 by Matthias Hoefler

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