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Juleigh Howard-Hobson

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My writing has appeared in a mixed bag of media including the 2002 Edinburgh Festival of the Arts, Writers Quarter, The Knitters Gift (Adams Media), Ex Pat (Seal Press), Bare Your Soul (Avalon/Seal), Nesting: It’s a Chick Thing (Workman -- and a NYT Best Seller! ), The Girls Book of Success (Little Brown — a child’s poem), The Old Heathen’s Almanac (Troth), Flipside, On The Wing, Seven Cups of Coffee, Clamor ,The Australian Women’s Weekly, The Suttertown News, Macquarie University Arena (Australia), Focus, Low Hug, Practice Apartment, 9 to 5, Metro, Wh-a-am, Deep South Mouth, Product Syndicate, HipMama Magazine,, Idunna & Aesthetica Magazine, among other places. I’m the editor of (and also a contributor to) the Arets Vakreste Boker 2004 Award winning Norwegian-press literary collection Undertow.

Upcoming credits include The Raintown Review, Solanaceae, a vignette in the independent film What is Love (directed by D C Rahe), The Willamette Writer & The Old Heathen’s Almanac 2007. I’ve also just been accepted for WarJournal, “Dispatch #1” (a short story about WW1.

My formalist poetry has recently been published in Shatter Colors Literary Review, Odin', The and is forthcoming in The Raintown Review. Light verse of mine is forthcoming in Champagne Shivers 2007 and Appalling Limericks.

While I live in the Pacific Northwest right now, it is the old Commonwealth to which my soul and most (but not all) of my writings truly belong... which makes sense once I tell you that I was born in Portsmouth, England and dually raised in Brooklyn and Australia...

I graduated from Sacramento State in 1990. I went back to begin my MA in the writing program there, but dropped out to concentrate on writing.

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