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Sean Hower

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This business-analyst/technical-writer/Web-designer stalks the halls of corporate America by day and wanders the dark corners of the mind by night. His meanderings have made their way to Planet Magazine, DreamForge, C/Oasis, Gryphonwood, and — of course — Bewildering Stories.

He once maintained a Web site for writers called Hokum Home and even managed to con the publishers at WriteThinking to let him expose their readers to his inner machinations on a weekly basis. Most would like to attribute this minimal success to the band of flying capuchin monkeys he keeps high in his Western tower. If only they knew the real truth... You can get a glimpse of that truth at his blog.

Sean enjoys watching people through an anthropological lens, reading about ancient civilizations, and studying world myth. One day, he hopes to live the life of an omniscient recluse, but for now he is content to spread his subversive ideals while tinkering with programming languages and Web technologies.

Copyright © 2006 by Sean Eric Hower

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