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I’ve been writing since the mid 80’s, following service in the UK Military. My features have appeared in Fighters, MAI, Junk (Hong Kong), Taekwondo Times, Calm.Net, amongst others. My short fiction has been published in BBR, Auguries, Dream, Kalkion, Dream, Monk Punk, and Escape Velocity.

In 2012 I decided to challenge myself and undertook a Masters in Professional Writing. The project for that became my first novel, A Pride of Lions, published by Solstice Shadows. This was followed by two other novels, The Cull of Lions and Roar of Lions.

Solstice also published four novellas of mine, along with a short story collection entitled Falling from Grace, and Others. These can be reached via my Amazon Author’s Page.

“Amber Dawn” is the first short story I’ve had published for some years, as I have been focused on full-length fiction.

A lover of SFF, I also run several writing groups, including one for veterans of the armed forces, and I’m currently working on my 5th novel while delighting in the work of my favourite authors, Stephen King, Brian Lumley, Brian Aldiss, Arthur C. Clarke, C.J. Cheryh, and Geoff Nelder


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