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Pascal Inard

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Pascal’s writing journey started when his family migrated from France to Australia. He was twelve at the time and he published a magazine for his family and friends where he wrote about the adventures of living in a new country.

At university, he wrote surreal comedy pieces for the student newspaper’s “Silly Page” and the Friends of Unnatural Llamas club’s magazine The Amiable Quadruped.

He went back to France and, while hiking in the French Alps, he met his soul mate Isabella, a gifted artist who works with a variety of media (paint, wool, fabrics, beads, polymer clay and anything she can get her hands on). Their creative journey took a new turn when they had their three children, and Pascal focused on his other creative passion, photography.

Back in Australia, Pascal and Isabella published a blog and a book, “A to Z Guide to Happiness: A gift from dogs to their owners (and everyone else),” with humorous photos of dogs to illustrate tips on happiness.

The break from writing had been long, it was time to put pen to paper again (and keyboard to screen). Pascal wrote and published a book in French and English with Isabella on their beloved country, “Dear France, sweet country of my childhood.” Then he wrote a novel in French, “Un Dernier Roman pour la route,” and a number of articles in the online magazine My French Life.

The turning point came when he decided to go back to his first love, speculative fiction. He wrote two novels, “Web of Destinies,” a mystery about a doctor who inherits a mysterious typewriter that can change the past, and “The Memory Snatcher,” a mystery about a police inspector and a quantum physicist who join forces to stop a memory thief from paralysing the world.

Many writers try their hand at short stories before writing a novel, but Pascal did the opposite and only started writing short stories after he’d written three novels. First he wrote and self-published three short stories on the digital after-life in a collection entitled “Pushing Up the Digits.”

Then he decided to enlist the help of an editor, Edwina Harvey, to take his writing to the next level—the best decision he made in his writing journey.

His short stories have been published in different magazines and anthologies. The full list is at

Some of his favourite themes are the functioning of our memory, Australian aboriginal beliefs, the noosphere and the alienation of being different.

When Pascal is not writing, photographing or hiking, he manages IT projects for an Australian bank.

You can connect write Pascal on his Facebook page:

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