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Morris Jacks

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Morris Jacks is the nom de plume of writer/poet Mike Dalelio. A Jersey boy to his bones, he was raised in the northwestern wilds of New Jersey, attended school in the southern Jersey Pine Barrens, where he often set out to find, but never did, the notorious Jersey Devil, and now resides on the Jersey Shore where he works as your friendly neighborhood Letter Carrier. He is also, currently, an MFA candidate at Fairleigh Dickison University.

Lori, his beautiful wife, and he are raising two brilliant children together. Her knowledge of science informs his sci-fi stories and her wisdom informs his life.

If Mike isn’t writing a story about fantastical probabilities, he is probably writing a poem examining actual possibilities, or maybe writing a song about anything at all. When he’s not writing you might find him, despite his terrible angling skills, struggling to catch a monster striped bass in the surf.

Copyright © 2010 by Morris Jacks

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Grin, Grimlyn Grim, part 1; conclusion

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