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Hi. I’m Jerry Wright, electrical contractor, network administrator, part-time instructor at a community college and part of the two-man editorial triumvirate at Bewildering Stories.

I’m 57 for a while, and started reading SF when I was 9. Found a copy of Rocketship Galileo in the school library, and my life was changed forever.

I’ve written some computer articles for magazines that are now defunct, and edited an Atari Usergroup magazine for a couple of years.

I have three children, ages 33, 31, and 21, all of whom have left the nest, thank goodness.

I write a little, edit a lot, and play with technology for the two ISPs I maintain. I live in Moses Lake, Washington with my wife of 37 years.

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Likes and dislikes:

Neil Young. “They Might Be Giants.” Macy Gray. That sort of “alternative music”... Allison Krause, Nickel Creek. That sort of bluegrass.

Early Heinlein. Sheffield. Bujold. Modesitt. Pratchett... Ah yesssss... Pratchett!

Dislikes? William Barton. Writes, as far as I can tell, a good story, but far too foul for me. I massively dislike the trip down into the sewers of life. That having been said, I’ll defend Kate’s right to write and sell smut to the end. Because Kate is a really fine writer.

Copyright © 2004 by Jerry Wright

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Prose and Poetry
Jerry has published some poetry in Bewildering Stories, and his book reviews have appeared regularly in The Reading Room department.

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