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Hareendrann Kallinkeel

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After obtaining voluntary retirement from an elite commando outfit under the government of India, Hareendran Kallinkeel presently works for an online portal, helping college students from the US with their writing projects, and resides in his hometown, Taliparamba (Kerala), with his family consisting of wife, two children, a maid and a German Shepherd. He owns a farm of rubber, coconut, pepper and areca nut plantations, where he also keeps his cows and chickens.

He is published in Sulekha (several issues), Cyberman Books, Literary Potpourri, Poet's Canvas, Cenotaph Pocket Edition, Gator Springs Gazette, Muse Apprentice Guild, Blood Lust UK, Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine, Whispers of Wickedness, Chick Flick e-zine, Slow Trains, Skive Magazine, Heavy Glow Journal of Flash Fiction, Thirst for Fire (online) and Peeks & Valleys, Thought Magazine, Literary Potpourri Anthologies (print). His stories are forthcoming in Golan Publications, Twisted Cat Tales Anthology, Ghoti magazine, The Means, Evergreen Review, Bewildering Stories, Scorched Earth Publications, Cautionary Tale and Tales of the Talisman.

His story “A Few Ugly Humans” has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2005.

Copyright © 2006 by Hareendran Kallinkeel

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