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Anastasia Kalos

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I believe that writing is an adventure and treat it as such. There are peaks and troughs that can only strengthen resolve. Writing has minimised the darkest experiences of my life and also adds light to the ordinary.

My occupations have varied over the years, a remnant from a quasi-nomadic life as a foster kid. I’ve been a bartender, kitchen hand, nurse assistant, customer service officer, supervisor, account manager and telecommunications billing officer.

My academic background has been choppy. Years ago I commenced a BSc in anatomy and physiology to realise I had a claustrophobic reaction to laboratories. I left one semester short of completion and returned to regular work. I returned to academia a decade later to complete a BASc in English and psychology, which didn’t immediately thrust me into a new job but provided me with newfound appreciation and insight into the workings of literature.

My literary interests are varied and include general fiction, horror, science fiction, poetry, non-fictional essays and other forms that extend beyond the solipsistic, to consider the world beyond the individual. Authors that have inspired me through the years include Alice Sheldon (James Tiptree Jr.; Raccoona Sheldon), Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin, Italo Calvino, Erma Bombeck and Patrick White.

My short stories and poetry appear at Sanitarium Magazine, Jitter Press, Boston Poetry Magazine, Down in the Dirt, Slink Chunk and Every Writer’s Resource.

Currently, I am completing the final year of a JD degree, which is proof that you can never predict where life will take you. I live in Sydney, Australia, but wish for the day when I can live in summer all year round so I can snorkel and dive to my heart’s content and draw inspiration from the cosmos beneath the sea.

Readers are welcome to visit my blog.

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