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Margaret Karmazin

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I’m a prolific writer of literary, fantasy and sci-fi stories with over 150 of them published in literary and sci-fi magazines, including Rosebud, Chrysalis Reader, North Atlantic Review, Confrontation, Mobius, Another Realm, Pennsylvania Review and Wild Violet.

My stories in The MacGuffin, Eureka Literary Magazine, Licking River Review and Words of Wisdom were nominated for Pushcart awards. My story, “The Manly Thing,” was nominated for the 2010 Million Writers Award.

I helped write the introduction for and have a story included in Still Going Strong; stories in Ten Twisted Tales, Mota 9, Zero Gravity, Cover of Darkness, Residential Aliens and Circling Uranus and a mystical YA novel, Replacing Fiona, published by My novel is being relaunched with a new cover this coming fall.

When not writing, I am painting large, decorative paintings, reading novels or reading about the paranormal, playing with my cats or causing trouble by writing letters to the editor.

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