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Michael A. Kechula is a retired tech writer with 29 nonfiction books to his credit. Switching to fiction in 2004, his flash and micro-fiction tales have won first prize in six contests and honorable mention in three others.

His stories have appeared in eighty-seven online and print magazines and anthologies in Australia, Canada, England, and US. He’s authored two books of flash and micro-fiction: A Full Deck of Zombies: 61 Speculative Fiction Tales and Crazy Stories for Crazy People. Both paperbacks available at eBook versions of the former are available at and

[Ed. note: Mike adds, concerning his non-fiction books]

Many were self-study text books. I used to write self-study books and interactive courses that could run on computers. Most of my books were very technical, and one cost $750 per copy. One of my publishers also leased one of my books for $1,100 per year, per copy. Imagine leasing a book? That was SRA, the folks who publish “Hooked on Phonics.” I have lots to say about nonfiction book publishing. I’ve had royalty contracts, work-for-hire contracts, and set fee contracts. So, I can give more info on that separately, and another time, if folks are really interested.

The last two nonfiction books I wrote had to do with communications protocol between slot machines, their bill acceptors, and main frame computers. And I also wrote a book for slot machine technicians who install, test, maintain bill acceptors. The market for this was world-wide.

[Ed. note: latest update]

Author of: A Full Deck of Zombies – 61 Speculative Fiction Tales. All stories in this collection were previously published in magazines and anthologies in Australia, Canada, England, and the U.S. Several won first prize in writing contests. eBook version available at or Paperback version available from Amazon.

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