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Mark Joseph Kiewlak

also: Mark Joseph Kevlock

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My poetry and fiction have been in print for some fifteen years now. In 2008 my work appeared in more than two dozen magazines, including Wild Violet, AlienSkin, The Oracular Tree, Clean Sheets, The Bitter Oleander, Cezanne’s Carrot, The Rose & Thorn, Thuglit, and Pulp Pusher. I was privileged to have served as judge of the 2007 Wild Violet Fiction Contest. I have also written for DC Comics (FLASH 80-PAGE GIANT #2) and count among my favorite authors Robert B. Parker, Anne Rice, Frank Miller, Ray Bradbury, and J.M. DeMatteis.

For the past ten years most of my work has been heavily influenced and guided by the philosophy found within Jane Roberts’ Seth books, which states, simply, that, “We create our own reality” — that our lives reflect, not necessarily what we wish for ourselves, but what we truly believe ourselves to be. This includes the unlocking of all of Mankind’s potentials — a prevailing theme in nearly all of my work.

As for my home life, I live with a woman of extraordinary kindness, and for me this is enough. I’ve never been much of a participant, mostly an observer in the day to day goings-on. I spend most days superimposing over my surroundings the worlds I see in my head. Anything pure-hearted and innocent appeals greatly to me because it helps me stay detached in that really positive uplifting way, where you walk around loving everyone and knowing that the world is indeed a wondrous and worthwhile place.

These lines by Thomas Mann from “The Wardrobe” sum up exquisitely my own philosophy: “He did not like to be aware of the hour or the day of the week, and moreover he had no truck with the calendars. Some time ago he had lost the habit of knowing the day of the month or even the month of the year. Everything must be in the air — so he put it in his mind, and the phrase was comprehensive though rather vague. He was seldom or never disturbed in this program, as he took pains to keep all upsetting knowledge at a distance from him. After all, was it not enough for him to know more or less what season it was?”

Copyright © 2009 by Mark Joseph Kiewlak

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