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John LaCarna’s experiences as a probation officer, mental health counselor, and chief social worker of the Louisiana State Forensic Unit (facility for the criminally insane) have provided him with much interesting material for fiction.

His educational background is in social work, psychology, journalism and English. He is a member of Mensa. Retired president of his own health care consultant business, he now devotes his time to creative writing. In addition to professional articles, he has published a variety of fictional and non-fictional pieces in magazines and newspapers through the years, including news stories, features, editorials, reviews, short stories, poetry and photographs.

His science fiction novel, The Laughing Man, about a being of superior intellect, and a collection of his previously published short stories, Tales of Madness and Murder, are available on Amazon Kindle.

He has authored an educational text, Build Your Vocabulary Skills! A Quick and Easy Method, available from The Graduate Group, and also on Kindle.

He resides with his wife, Gustavia, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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