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Andrea Laws

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I currently reside in Lawrence, Kansas, working professionally as an Administrative Assistant/Permissions Coordinator for the University Press of Kansas.

I graduated from the University of Kansas, with two Bachelor of Arts degrees: one in English with a focus on creative writing, and one in Film Studies with a focus on film theory and criticism.

My poetry has appeared in three compiled books of poetry including: Whispers VII: A Collection of Short Works (Greenspring Publishing, 2009), Stars in Our Hearts (World Poetry Movement, 2012), and International Who’s Who in Poetry: 2012 Edition (World Poetry Movement, 2012).

Additionally, my poetry has appeared on five literary journals: Be Happy Zone, BlogNostics, Bewildering Stories, Snapdragon Journal, and Gathering Storm Magazine.

I also freelance as a screenwriter, in which I have written the short screenplay entitled “A Boy Without Water” and the web series “Unearthly” (both are forthcoming in production).

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