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Bewildering Stories

Sally K. Lehman

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Sally K Lehman’s poetry has been published in several online literary magazines, as well as in her own e-zine located at Over the last few years, she has begun to move in a new direction with her writing — crafting flash fiction, short stories, and a first novel. She has had one article and three short stories published and is looking to publish a first novella.

Born and raised in Oregon, many of her stories are grounded in the day-to-day lives of average people and represent a brief look into the moments that make people who they are, illustrating the commonalities we all share. She is currently studying with Tom Spanbauer in his Dangerous Writing Workshop.

A Mathematics major at the University of California at Berkeley, Sally has worked for many years in the IT industry holding positions ranging from Technical Writer to Co-owner of a software business. She currently lives in the Portland area of Oregon with her husband and their three daughters.

Copyright © 2009 by Sally K. Lehman

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