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I was born in Connecticut, raised in Israel, and spent time in several other U.S. states and a couple of other countries before returning, almost by accident, to Connecticut. I’ve had far too many jobs, and most of them were the sort of thing you’re better off reading about than actually doing. Significant health hazards and ridiculously low pay rates were involved in almost all of them. For the last few seasons I’ve been working on a lobster boat.

When I’m not hunting bugs, I’m usually writing. My work has recently begun to appear in various webzines, with stories featured in 31 Eyes, The Dream People, Camp Horror and a few more on the way. I’m currently working on my second novel, a sort of Lost World steampunk fantasy for young adults, while my first one looks for a home.

I live in New Haven with my wife Alvira, daughter Raven, and the customary pair of cat familiars. Sadly, none of them are any help when it comes to summoning the powers of the netherworld.

Copyright © 2004 by Jeremiah Job Levine

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