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Loraine N. Lindsey

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Loraine Lindsey is a Georgia girl working full-time at a local hospital as a Cancer Registrar. She has a wonderful husband at home, a daughter married and living in Oklahoma and a son married and living close by with her three beautiful grand girls.

She has been writing off and on since middle school and even has a handwritten copy of the first short story she ever wrote.

She loves to read horror and mystery novels and has hopes of one day writing as well as her favorite authors: Dean Koontz, Scott Nicholson and Bentley Little.

She has written many short stories, one winning runner up in a small contest. Working full-time, her writing has been on the back burner for years. She is currently working on a novel and has hopes of finishing it sometime in the next ten years!!!

Copyright © 2006 by Loraine N. Lindsey

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