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David Lovato

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Born in California and raised in various locations throughout the western United States, I now reside in Kansas City, Missouri where I attend a community college.

I hope to make writing a full-time career as it’s something I’ve always loved and have been doing seriously since the age of thirteen. My writing usually falls under a supernatural or horror category, though I’ve been known to touch on science fiction.

I have few influences in writing and prefer to write rather than actually read something else. Most of my writing is just influenced by life. I also tend to use a style that a lot of professors don’t like, especially when it comes to comma use, but I tend to not be so picky as different styles work for different people.

I believe that different mediums work better for different works, so I’ve written anything from short stories to scripts for video games, and through means of pen and paper to old typewriters to the regular word processor.

Though I tend to go through harsh periods of writer’s block, when I’m on a roll I feel really good about what I’m doing. Writing is a major part of my life, and I hope to make a living out of it sometime in the near future.

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