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Born in the heart of a nuclear explosion, D.A. MADIGAN came snarling into existence at the dawn of time, armed and armored to wage an unending battle on evil and entropy for the sake of all that’s good and right. Now, accompanied by that band of hard rocking scientists the Hong Kong Cavaliers, he races across the universe...

No, wait. That’s about six other guys.

I’m starting again.

D.A. MADIGAN currently resides in Louisville KY with the four most wonderful human females in any universe, one of whom he is married to, the other three of which he gets to be a parental figure to, which is far more than he or any merely mortal man deserves, but he’ll take it anyway.

He shares a very limited amount of living space with an obsolete PC clone, seven thousand paperbacks, twenty-three thousand mostly Silver Age comic books, and roughly 4.3 trillion dust mites and mold spores specifically tailored by some secretive conspiracy to antagonize his allergies at every opportunity.

In the pushing fifty years he’s been around in this incarnation, he’s designed several games, written several dozen articles on various geek topics like Silver Age superhero comics, science fiction, fantasy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, countless short stories, seven novels and one military memoir. Many of his finest stories are available right here in Bewildering Stories, and nearly all of his book length works are available in electronic form at Amazon’s Kindle store, at the following links:

Copyright © 2009 by D. A. Madigan

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Heinlein: the Man, the Myth, the Whack Job
On “Positive”
The Fundamental Immorality of The Matrix
S. M. Stirling’s Alternate Histories, parts 1-2; parts 3-4
Prose Fiction
Meeting of the Mindless
Return to Sender
No Good Angel
No Time Like the Present
Pursuit of Happiness
Mania Halo
Talkin’ ’Bout My Girl
On the Road Again
Electronic Submission
The Eldritch Horror From Beyond the Nether Void
The Adventures of Supermom
The Captain and the Queen, parts 1-2; parts 3-4
The Drowned Scroll
A Dish Best Served Cold
Power 2 the Peepz

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