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I’m glad to be starting a relationship with Bewildering Stories with “The Touch,” a foundation myth of my in-laws. I grew up in the same west of Ireland seaside village as my mother-in-law. She was a great storyteller and remembered in vivid detail the Kinvara she had left in 1929 for America. When she returned in the 1980s with her son, she brought me into a history that is over a hundred years old.

In the 1990s my husband, John Mahoney, and I founded a repertory drama company An Slua Sidhe (The Hosting of the Sidhe, the mysterious good or little people). Working with local amateurs we produced the mystical plays of Yeats. We also adapted poems into performance pieces and performed in Yeats’s tower, Thoor Ballylee, and other locations as exotic as parlours, village halls, churches, woodlands, and back gardens.

I wrote some radio plays which led on to us researching, writing and producing historical stage plays as An Tine Beo (The Living Flame, a motto from the 19th century).

I paint too and have exhibited locally.

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