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Marilyn K. Martin

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I am a freelance author and humorist. In 2013 I've had short stories appear in the anthologies Universe Horribilis and Lost Worlds, Retraced (featured story and podcast). Also in the magazines Fiction Vortex" (First Place award in June issue), and Encounters.

I am also writing and publishing several series of genre-mashing e-novellas on Amazon Kindle. "Hunting Monster Aliens" (7 e-novellas) is science fiction, ET horror and paranormal tech. And I've just started "Past Examination Technology" (3 e-novellas), which is time travel and dystopian future.

I continue to write weekly articles and humor columns for Jack Dunning, the editor, and I have jointly put out several e-books on Amazon Kindle, from my collected humor columns to an indexed reference guide of “Little-Known High Tech” I wrote about from July 2012 to June 2013.

Copyright © 2013 by Marilyn K. Martin

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