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John McBain

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Transplanted from Canada to California, but with a couple of trips around the world along the way, I finally settled in the Santa Cruz mountains, where I currently live with my wife, seven cats and two turtles. Two daughters long ago fled to the East Coast.

I write mostly emails and product safety reports for my job as a product safety engineer of more than thirty years, I’ve been reading mostly science fiction and fantasy for more than sixty years. Combining the two interests in a speculative essay seemed reasonable to me, at least.

My previous claims to fame in those two areas are as a founding member of ESFACAS (Edmonton Science Fiction And Comic Arts Society), and the CSA Users Group (CSAUG), which later became the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society.

When not reading, my free time is spent chopping down with my chainsaw the more aggressive weeds in our yard. Questions about product safety and recommendations for good reads are welcome.

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