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R. Scott McCoy

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R. Scott McCoy was born in Kodiak Alaska and raised in Bemidji Minnesota. He currently lives in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities with his wife, two daughters and three dogs. His work has been appeared in Blazing Adventures Magazine, Anathema, Bewildering Stories, Shroud Magazine, Shroud Publications Abominations Anthology and in the Help Anthology for Preditors & Editors.

Fiction Credits:

“A Boy and His Gun,” Blazing Adventure Magazine, 2007.
“Daydream at 30,000 Feet,” Anathema, 2007.
1st Runner-up in Shroud Magazine’s flash fiction contest in issues #2 & #3.
Editor’s Choice, 1st quarter, 2008 Bewildering Stories.

Scott is the Publisher of Necrotic Tissue, a horror ezine and is an Affiliate Member of the HWA.
You can get in touch with Scott via his My Space page or e-mail.
Please check out Necrotic Tissue at and on My Space.

Copyright © 2008 by R. Scott McCoy

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