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David McGillveray is 32 and lives in Shepherd’s Bush, London. He has been writing, principally in the area of speculative fiction, for a couple of years and has published works in a number of small presses.

“The Last Submission,” Millennium Shift, Feb ’04
“Dr. Gold’s Quantum Imposition,” Alien Skin, Jul ’04
“The Caretaker,” Quantum Muse, Jul ’04
“Modern Art,” Fools Motley, Nov ’04
“Sines,” Vermeer Magazine, Nov ’04
“Chips,” Leafing Through, Nov ’04
“Skyward,” Jupiter SF, Jan ’05
“A Closer Encounter,” Aoife’s Kiss, Jun ’05
“Finding Bliss,” Anotherealm, Nov ‘05
“The Things You Find In The Old Country,” Faniac, tba
“The Cracks in Captain Silcoat,” Far Sector, tba
“A Forest,” e-book from Eggplant Productions/Jintsu e-texts scheduled for release in July ’05

Copyright © 2004 by David McGillveray

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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