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“The Soul Snare” was actually a first attempt at science fiction for me. I generally write fantasy (dark fantasy, sword & sorcery, humorous fantasy, traditional, etc.) so this was new for me, though I do enjoy reading it.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Nebraska at Omaha, married many years to great guy who is also a struggling writer, Rick Hipps.

My short stories that have been published include “Dragon Toast,” in Fantasy World Geographic last year, “Death’s Exile,” in Chaos Theory: Tales Askew,” ”Wizard’s Apprentice” in Abberant Dreams in October, “Dark Muse,” in Gothic Revue, “Red Blades,” in High Fantasy Online, “The Stone Curse,” in Aphelion, “The Witch Bargain,” in Scribal Tales, (this month!) and I have a series in Descending Darkness webzine called “Tales of Obsydian Nights,” which will be a total of 13 tales, currently six have been published and can all be read there, starting with “The Bloodstone Queen,” and last one published was “The Dark Bride.”

I love animals, movies, books, and going to San Francisco whenever possible (favorite city next to London) and I live in northern California.

Copyright © 2006 by Verna McKinnon

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