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Justin Meckes is a writer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His writing began with a journal, which was inspired by a reading of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. This was followed by an article concerning a week-long trip to the Amazon rainforest where he visited a Yanomamö tribe and a long-form piece about a drive cross-country that nearly ended in tragedy.

After these excursions and subsequent writings, Justin turned his attention to novels. But this initial effort was short-lived due to a burgeoning interest in film. It wasn’t until after ten years of making movies and writing screenplays that he returned to his original vocation.

Since then, Justin’s short stories have been published in various online journals and magazines such as The Broadkill Review and Map Literary. You can learn more about these works and what he’s currently writing in his CV, which is located at On this site, you’ll also discover that Justin is the founding editor of Scrutiny, a journal of magical realism.

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