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Bewildering Stories

Andrew Meek

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I was born in the United States, moving in and around the South before relocating to Canada shortly before I turned five. From there, I moved around Ontario until relocating once more to Santiago, Chile at the age of 11. I then went to university in Halifax to study palaeontology, moved back to Santiago, and somehow found myself crash-landing in Guelph about three years ago.

I try to read as widely as I can, though I mainly read fiction. Some of my favourite writers include: Samuel R. Delany, Philip K. Dick, Thomas M. Disch, Daniil Kharms, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Melville, Hunter S. Thompson, Alejandro Zambra, Rodrigo Hasbún, Roberto Bolaño, Raymond Chandler, and Jim Thompson. I do write (poorly) and have submitted stories to magazines here and there throughout the years.

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